Shopping for the Perfect Kids Toys for Spring
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Shopping for the Perfect Kids Toys for Spring

Will your young child celebrate a birthday soon? Perhaps, you want to reward your kid for making good grades at school. If you can relate to either of these scenarios, you might want to buy your little one a few new toys. When shopping for toys for your kid this spring, think about looking for cute stuffed bunnies, colorful hula-hoops, large beach balls, and leather baseball gloves. Purchasing some fun board games to play indoors on those rainy spring days is also a great idea. On this blog, I hope you will discover how to shop for the toys that will make this spring your child’s best one yet. Enjoy!


Shopping for the Perfect Kids Toys for Spring

Picking Gold Jewelry When You Have Skin Allergies

Mathew Williams

If you have skin allergies, which is commonly referred to as contact dermatitis, then you may want to choose the type of gold jewelry that you wear quite carefully. There are some great options available to you that are unlikely to make your skin break out in hives, so keep reading to learn about a few options.


If you commonly like gold plated jewelry, then you may commonly break out in a rash once the gold wears off from the outside of the ring, bracelet, or necklace. This happens because the gold is used to cover a filler material and the material is usually one that contains nickel. Nickel is the metal that turns your skin green and it also is the one that is responsible for the vast majority of skin allergies and contact dermatitis issues.

The good news is that not all gold plated pieces of jewelry are made with nickel. In general, you should stay away from any item that is made with iron, since nickel is often mixed with the metal. One of the best options is to choose vermeil which has a base of sterling silver. Over this base of silver is a thicker layer of gold. Since the layer of gold is thicker, it will not wear off as quickly, and even if it does, then a layer of silver will sit underneath it. Sterling silver very rarely causes an allergic reaction. 

If for some reason the vermeil is a bit too expensive for you, think about a gold filled option. Gold filled jewelry is made from a base metal where the layers of gold are bonded on top of it. The gold does not easily wear off or chip, and it is recommended for sensitive skin. This is ideal if you have your eye on that single skull gold bracelet.

Rose Gold

Yellow gold is sometimes mixed with a wide variety of different metals that include zinc, copper, nickel, and silver. This is true of white gold as well which is usually a mix of platinum, nickel, zinc, and gold. In the case of yellow and white gold, the more metals in the mix, the more likely that you are to be allergic to it. 

Rose gold is one type of gold that is limited in terms of the metals mixed to create jewelry. While copper is mixed with the gold and sometimes silver is added in as well, all of these metals are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Rose gold is a simple gold mix and so is green gold, which is made with gold and silver, so this is an option too if you like the green patina instead of the pink one.